16 01 2009

ok…. don’t make fun of me, but sometimes i get really excited about little things…. today i got my very own desk in my classroom!  Yesterday my Mrs. Story and i went to the storage room to look for things for me and found a rolly chair for me to sit in…. i had been sitting in a mini baby chair…. and she pointed to some tables that were buried  that we would dig out some other time.  After school yesterday, Mrs. Story went to one of the janitors and asked him to move the table into her room so when i got there today the table was in there…. Mr. Ray (the janitor) came in after i had been there a bit to ask me what height i wanted the desk to be and he set it just exactly how i wanted it. =) I HAVE MY OWN DESK!!!  I think next week i will take a pencil jar and some post-its to keep at MY desk.




2 responses

16 01 2009

It not a “make fun of moment” it is a “memorable moment”!

16 01 2009

I totally understand – I remember when I did my student teaching. I’m so proud and happy for you!! Do you need any supplies?? I will send them on down right away!!

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