Baptism by Fire

19 01 2009

Today there was no school, but the teachers in my district had a training and work day.  I wasn’t required to go, but thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some people and learn a little something.  We knew that we were having a crisis training, but the admin didn’t tell any of the teachers anything else.  After a brief faculty meeting in the cafeteria, a man wearing a mask came running into the room firing a gun, many of the teachers screamed as he instructed us to get up on the stage and and kneel.  By the time i got to the stage i was in the very front near the middle…. perfect.   The man paced back and forth yelling about wanting his kids and firing his gun at the floor and ceiling.  Apparently some of the teachers were smiling, or stifling a giggle partly because they were uncomfortable and partly because they knew the whole thing was fake.  Unfortunately the perp didn’t think this was funny and pulled out a grenade, pulled the pin and handed it to ME, of all people, handed it to ME and told me if i dropped it we’d all die.  AWESOME.  So i held it like a good little trooper until the cops came in and gunned the guy down.  The cops instructed everyone to exit the room and had me stand on the other side of the room and hold the grenade until someone came to take it from me, then all the cops left and just left me in the room, all alone holding a grenade like it was no big deal.  haha. Eventually one of the cops came back in and told me i did a good job and took the grenade from me.  Afterwards, all the teachers and admins apologized to me for being so rudely introduced to the school.  And every time i went to an office or another class to drop something off, whoever was in the room said… OH! you’re the grenade girl!! you poor thing!  So i’m pretty sure that the rest of the semester, i’ll be the grenade girl and no one will actually know my name…. But hey, it’s a good conversation starter, right??? I can never do anything normal.




4 responses

19 01 2009

best story ever!

19 01 2009

You need to save this one for your memoirs! You’ll be there sooner than you think!

19 01 2009

Normal? Why start now?

24 01 2009

You don’t know me, but I found your blog through Kelli’s. I’ve taught high school for six years, and your student teaching memoirs are bringing back memories. Good story.

When you have a classroom that’s completely your own, you’ll be able to intimidate, er, I mean IMPRESS them by telling them, “Where I come from, they call me ‘GRENADE GIRL.’ ” You won’t have to tell them why.

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