Thanks YMCA!

21 01 2009

Today i had recess duty.  My class was outside first so we were also the first to go in.  When it was time to go in there were 5 other kindergarten classes outside playing.  I stepped to just outside the playground, put my hand in the class and yelled “Mrs. Story’s class, time to line up!” and i then counted down from 5.  By the time i got to 1 all my kids were standing in a straight line behind me with their hands behind their backs and a bubble in their mouths.  As i counted heads to make sure i had everyone, i glanced up at the huddle of other kindergarten teachers and they all had that, wow, i’m surprised and impressed, look on their faces.  I walked a little taller back inside and thanked the YMCA for honing my get kids in a line skills.

I might add that i was impressed with how well the kids got in line too…. they’re WAY easier than Y kids. ssshhhhh don’t tell!




4 responses

21 01 2009

geez. even i lined up.

21 01 2009
Tammy (mom)

why did they have a bubble in their mouth?

21 01 2009

Kristi maybe you should take a picture of yourself with a bubble in your mouth and post so your Mom will know what you are talking about!! that is one of the things I had to get used to when I got moved to the elementary building! If you have never seen little kids ….especially kindergartners line up and do this thing. It is quite a site!!

By the way proud of ya gal!!

22 01 2009

Way to go!!! You’re a chip off the ‘ole block! (Maybe they heard you held a grenade?!) You’ve always been good with kids – you’re a natural. Keep up the good work!

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