On My Own

23 01 2009

Today my cooperating professor came to my classroom to talk to my master teacher about what the university expects of me and when she can come and observe me, yadda yadda.  So, i was left in the classroom by myself for the first time.  Mrs. Story gave me a couple of things to have the kids do and then a “if you have time” activity.  I looked at what she gave me and was pretty sure i wasn’t going to have enough to keep us busy, but she was rushed because Dr. Boone was pulling her out in the hallway so i figured i’d deal with it.  So…. within about 15 min we had finished the work given to us plus learned a poem (the if you have time activity) and then we made up motions to go with the poem.  By my calculations i still had about 10min to fill so i had a few kids who didn’t finish their morning work, get their stuff out and get to work and i had the rest of the kids get their library books and spread out to read.  A few mins later Mrs. Story came waltzing back in and had a rather confused look on her face when she saw her kids sprawled around the classroom quitely looking at books or sitting in the corner reading their books to one another.  This was the conversation that followed:

Mrs. Story: are they reading their library books

Me: yes, we finished our work and i wasn’t sure how long you’d be, so rather than start something else i thought they could read

Mrs. Story: they finished both pages?

Me: Yup, and i checked them all for names and dates and they are turned into the box on my desk

Mrs. Story: did you go over the poem

Me: yep, the whole class recited it a few times, and then we made up motions for it and sang it a few more times

Mrs. Story: Wait, they did both papers?

Me: yep, everyone finished them, and then we did the poem and made up motions, and now they’re reading

Mrs Story: …… wow.

Me: =D  (thinking haha i win)




3 responses

24 01 2009

you’re awesome.

24 01 2009


24 01 2009

Good job!

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