basketball hates me

24 01 2009

I watched the vols/memphis game today, i was rooting for the vols, and they lost a heart-breaker, just one hoop…. then tonight i went to the SAGU boys game…. they lost by i think 5.  They should have won… at one point they were up by 12.  for some reason, our guys play a crazy sloppy 2nd half, and if my count was right they missed 15 free throws… FIFTEEN!  GAR.  It’s been a rough day…. On the bright side, i got this cute hat today on clearance for two funky dollars.

photo-103hey… i kinda look like i have a dimple in this picture… weird.  OH! and everyone is trying to tell me that i’m not too old to put a purple chunk in the back of my hair in the under-layer. I don’t agree. I think i’m too old for sure… but people are working hard to talk me into it.




2 responses

25 01 2009

Hold your own girly girl ….hold your own!

25 01 2009

Remember…you’re not too old….but you ARE too mature!!!! 🙂

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