Day One

26 01 2009

Today was my first day of official student teaching…. i did morning calendar and counting and a couple other songs.  Then… in the afternoon, my teacher was like… so you haven’t been here for math yet, right.  I said right.  And she said ok…. have you ever used an elmo? (which is like a camera that you put your book under and it projects it onto the screen) Nope, i haven’t used one before.  And she said… oh… well here’s the math book, we’re doing these pages, you go do it…… Wait, what? were we in the same conversation because i’m pretty sure she asked me if i had seen her do math yet and if i had ever used an elmo before… i said no to both of those questions…. yet she still just gave it all to me without anytime to even look over the pages and see what i was presenting…. It went fine… but jeez edith!!! Oh and Thursday there’s going to be sub… aka, the class is mine all day! YIKES!




3 responses

26 01 2009

You can do it girl!! I have confidence in you!

26 01 2009

you will learn the most those days when the teacher isn’t there…plus you will gain a lot of confidence quickly.

27 01 2009
Tammy (mom)

I’m sure you did great… and I know you will be fabulous Thursday.

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