Ice: keepin it classy

27 01 2009

Today i did draft book with the kids.  Basically we make a circle map the middle is what our theme is (this week our theme is bears) and then the outter circle you write things about what is in the middle, then the kids have to write two sentences about the theme.  We would have done bears but since it was icey today and Texan kids don’t get that very often we made a circle map about ice.  I was asking the kids things they knew about ice and for the most part i got normal answers…. Ice is cold. Ice is slippery, You can play on ice. ect.  Then came Camden who said, ” Ice is bad because it makes the power go out, and then the house gets cold and it makes momma cuss.” Classy.




One response

27 01 2009

Art Linkletter knew what he was doing years ago when he did his show with kids!

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