I Love Thee Because Thou has First Loved Me

28 01 2009

it’s funny how sometimes taking a story you know well out of it’s normal context can illuminate new stuff for you.  I recently read the story in Mark chapter 5ish where Jesus meets Legion, the man with all the demons.  This guy is nuts, he throws himself into fire and terrorizes an entire town.  Jesus meets him and casts all the demons out of the man and into a huge herd? of pigs.  The pigs go crazy and drown themselves.  This basically crushes the economy of the whole town, the people are less than thrilled and want Jesus to leave.

now normally i read this story when talking about how powerful Jesus is, those demons ain’t got nothin on Him…. or talking about His miracles… that sort of thing…. and I’ve always kinda had the thought… now why would Jesus throw those demons into the pigs??… those poor people losing their livelihood.  I’d even had the passing thought that it was a bit of an oops moment for Jesus.

Then i put the story into the “Jesus loves us” context.  What if, Jesus saw the situation (because he is fully God and that makes him omniscient) and knew that there was two choices.  1. don’t do anything for this guy and this whole town will be receptive to him and he can go talk to all of them 2. free this guy and ruin the town and they’re gonna kick him out.

Jesus didn’t go with the numbers, he left the 99 to go find the 1.  Jesus knew that this would make the whole town want him to leave, but he loved this man so much that he set him free anyway.  He then told the man to go and tell everyone what the Lord had done for him.

The great thing is that love applies to me too.  God loves me so much that he would sacrifice everything to prove to me how much.  And maybe the town kicked Jesus out… but I bet he knew what he was doing when he told the man to go and tell what the Lord had done.  After a while, i’d be willing to bet that several of those town’s people saw for themselves the awesomeness and came around to accepting that Jesus was who he said he was.  So, now that i know how much He loves me, what should i do? I should go and tell what the Lord has done for me…. And lookie there… the great commission…. kinda cool how that whole book fits together.




3 responses

28 01 2009

good stuff…weird that i read that same story this morning. we must be connected.

28 01 2009

Awesome post girly girl!!


28 01 2009

I agree with Joe and your dad. But PUH-LEASE don’t do anything crazy with pigs just to make your point!!!! (I so know how you think ….)

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