i’m apologizing in advance….

29 01 2009

for my third post today…. i realize that you are sick of me…. but this needed to be shared.  I wore a really cute jacket all day and it has one of those collars that kinda sticks up so it’s not like a lapel….. i don’t really know how to explain it…. but anyway, it rubbed my neck all day long, and now it looks like i have a big ole hicky… or actually 2 one on each side.

Exhibit A


exhibit b

photo-99gah… this would happen to me




4 responses

29 01 2009

time to bust out the turtlenecks!

29 01 2009
Edith Martinez

Ok so i find it rather ironic that you have all these “random things” happen to you. When in actuallity I don’t really think that they are random. I think you really do have hickies and you made up this totally random story to go along with it. Ha ha ha ha just joking. I really do believe that random things do happen to you.

29 01 2009

Wow. Next you’ll be wearing a big red “A” on your forehead.

10 03 2009

i don’t believe it…exhibit c needs to be you wearing the jacket as proof of the cause 🙂

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