one full day down

29 01 2009

Today, Mrs. Story was to be out of the room to do testing.  She had a sub planned for the day, but basically the day was given to me.  I’m still not planning, so my teacher got regular sub plans together, but i did all the teaching.  I was a little nervous going into today, but i was excited to get a whole day under my belt without being watched by my master teacher.  The sub (who is a regular in the building) all day said over and over, i don’t even know why i’m here, i can’t believe this is your first week, i could have never gotten as much done as you have.  So, that makes me feel good… but my favorite moment of the day was when one of my boys gave his table a sunday school lesson while they worked.  He said, do you know who our REAL father is?  I’ll give you a hint, he created the WHOLE world…. it’s GOD!  And then he added that they were all three the same. And one of the girls asked who was the same, and said, you know… God, Jesus, and the Holy Moley!…… Well… at least he’s excited about it… we can work out better names later.   The only bad thing was, this lesson he was giving started a bit of a disagreement.  He said that God created the world, while the girl next to him said that Jesus created the world, and then they came to ask me who was right….. all my bible school education and i didn’t know how to answer…. I’m pretty sure i avoided the question and told them to get back to work.




2 responses

29 01 2009

But Kristi! We must know the answer! INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!

30 01 2009

If you want to know the answer just read John chapter 1.
And you paid how much for all those Bible classes?

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