girls v boys

9 02 2009

Today at school i wore a black dress and boots…. and since valentines day is coming up, a long necklace with a big red heard charm.  I’m on dismissal duty this week, so i was taking the kinder car rider line to their waiting spot.  Towards the end of the line there were about 6 girls in a row.  Their heads are just about heart charm level so each one walked by, saw my heart, stopped, and said, “oooo i like your necklace!”  And to each one i said thank you very much.  After the 6 girls, there was a boy who wanted to see what the fuss was all about.  He looked at my heart (never at my face) tilted his head, scrunched up his nose in a confused look, shrugged his shoulders, and walked on without a word.




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9 02 2009

I like that boy!

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