10 02 2009

couple of notes from student teaching….

today i gave one of my boys some directions and he said yes ma’am, but he’s got a bit of a cold so i thought he said mom.  and i said… Camden, did you just call me mom??? And he giggled and said no that he said yes ma’am.  And then he thought it was funny… and he said, no i mean, yes, i called you moom!  and i said, I am NOT your momma! and Camden thinking this was so funny, said, yes you are! you just don’t know it, you cook me hot dogs and EVERYTHING!  haha.  Well i’m glad to know that to be a mom i have to cook hotdogs. =)

Later one of my girls, Rylee,  told me that she took all her mom’s panties and flushed them down the toilet.  (remind me not to get on her bad side)

And one of my other girls, Reigni Hope, got me with her rapid fire questions.

Reighni Hope: miss mcgill, miss mcgill, miss mcgill!!!!!!

Me: heaven’s to pete! yes miss reighni?

Reigni Hope: What’s you’re name

Me: Miss McGill

Reighni Hope: What color is the sky?

Me: Blue

Reigni Hope: What’s the opposite of down?

Me: Polly-fill?

Reigni Hope:What?? no, the opposite of DOWN

Me: oh, sorry, Up?

Reigni Hope: Miss mcgill blew up???!!!

Me: I did say that, didn’t i?

Reigni is all teeth and dimples at this point….  I told her she got me good, but it’s not over…. i’ve got plans for her tomorrow.




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