nate the great

10 02 2009

it shouldn’t come as a surprise that i LOVE goofy pics. I take silly pics of myself and post them all the time…. I’m not about hiding all but the very best… i guess i just don’t take myself that seriously… and there is something authentic about pictures of yourself making horrid faces, in clumbsy moments,  terrible hair,  etc. etc. etc.  they cheer me up, and i figure that they cheer other people up too….. so i don’t hold back… as you know if you’ve been a reader of my blog…. i post terrible pictures of myself and admit it when i accidentally pee my pants, get called out in my first days of student teaching to hold grenades, fall down stairs, catch a breeze that blows my skirt over my head, burn dinner, so on and so forth.  That’s life. rather than hide it and pretend i’m “perfect,” I embrace the goofiness and share with all the world so at least others can get a smile or a chuckle from my oopsadoodles.   Because of this, there’s not much that i enjoy more than having friends that do the same and share their less than perfect moments with me….. So the other night, i was talking to my good friend, Nate.  In our conversation, he mentioned that he hasn’t gotten a haircut in a while and his hair is the longest it’s been since i’ve known him and he gets some crazy bed head.  I laughed and said something about how that would be fun to see… (nate usually has a short buzz so it’s always in place).   So, the next morning, i was having a drag-your-booty-out-of-bed-already-worst-morning-ever kind of day, when i got a text message.  Upon opening it, I found this….

dsc00026I laughed out loud and all of the sudden was in a great mood and went on to have one of the best days i’ve had in my classroom.  Thanks to nate.  See what we can do if we share a little unperfectness??? Let nate be an inspiration to everyone….. capture your goofiness and share it with a friend, whether is be by pic, blog, comment, or word of mouth. Get over yourself and get it out there, you might just make someone’s day.




4 responses

10 02 2009
Mackenzie Richardson

Nate is pretty much amazing. If I was a woman, I’d kiss him. Haha wait what am I talking about, Nate is so awesome I’d kiss him now as a man.

11 02 2009

That’s one of my favorite parts of you, Kristi. You are so wonderfully imperfect! But I’m more imperfect than you are. Wanna have an “Imperfect-Off?”

11 02 2009
Tammy (mom)

This is just one of the many many reasons I love you. you are my hero….

12 02 2009

You don’t have to have the contest Ron ….YOU WIN!

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