always amusing

14 02 2009

Checking blog stats to see what people type into their search engines to find me…. one because, why would people be searching that, and what are they looking for? and two, how did that bring you to me??  some of my favorties…

  • the mustache helps
  • woke up peeing
  • boyfriend threw my shoes
  • wet the bed dorm
  • smell like dr pepper
  • harry wong
  • sister came in the bathroom peeing
  • putting on a finger buddy
  • meat sweats
  • how to side pony
  • grocery cart ideas coronation dance

apparently, all these things will bring to to….. i’m just not sure how…. or what these people were really looking for, i’m pretty confident that i’m not it.




2 responses

14 02 2009

I would have thought the word “fart” might have been more likely?

1 03 2009

I Googled “Drexine” looking for the address of the woman that lives in one of the Carolina’s and found you.

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