ok…. so it wasn’t that bad.

14 02 2009

the school i’m at is participating in “jump rope for heart” you can check it out here.  basically kids get people to sponser them to jump rope and they get a bunch of excercise and they raise money for the american heart assosiation.  it’s a win win…. WELL…. all the teachers get put on “pep teams” to get the kids excited and the teams win points for doing stuff….. my team is called the Kolesterol Kickers and we have a farmer/cowboy theme.  yesterday morning we were going to have as assembly and my team was going to dress up in jeans/overalls, boots, red shirts, bandanas, and cowboy hats.  Then we were going to get up infront of everyone and do an impromtu dance to cotton eye joe.  sooo  embarassing….. what i didn’t know was that the assembly was a ginat pep rally and that all the teams got up infront of everyone and did something stupid….. so it all fit.  And our team was pretty much the best….. but after all my jumping around, and nearly losing my britches, i was pretty tired…. but my kids loved it…. they were talking about how i was the best dancer all day. ha.




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16 02 2009
Tammy (mom)

what? no pictures? awwww

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