Jump Rope for Heart

16 02 2009

I’m going to try and find some more pictures of our team making fools of ourselves…. but for now these will have to tide you over.  On the midlothian isd website, LaRue Miller (my school) and our JRFH assembly is being featured….. I found this out when i took my kinders to the computer lab this morning, and as they got the internet browser up (the midlothian website is the homepage), I heard dozens of….. miss mcgill! you’re on the internet!!!!…… i turned very quickly and wide eyed, hoping it wasn’t true…. but alas… i am on the front page….. here it is….

jrfh-1this is after we’re done dancing…. and coach rogers (the pe teacher) is giving a speech about “kicking” bad habits, bad food, and getting Kicking, with being active and jump roping, and what not…. (we’re the kolesterol kickers) and every time he said kick we kicked and yeehawed.

jrfh-3here’s the rockin ropers…. they danced to some 70’s rock hit… i don’t remember what….. but it was fun.

jrfh-4The cardiac QT’s…. they walked back and forth to “material girls” and princess waved…. the one in the middle with the crown, glasses, dark hair, and wide open mouth is my master teacher….. this whole team theme and creation is hers. (she’s a self-proclaimed princess)

jrfh-2here’s a pic of some of the 5th grade jump team…. i wish i had more to show you… they did some really cool stuff…..  you can’t see them.. but there are 4 more kids to the left of this screen with the letters j-u-m-p…. they jumped into the rope one at a time and called out the letters as they jumped in…. and all 8 jumped together several times…. it was fun.




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16 02 2009

Looks like a lot of fun! Congratulations!

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