boys can find the boy in anything…..

17 02 2009

This week we’re talking about America and US symbols…. Today we mostly talked about Abraham Lincoln.  In passing it was mentioned that he was killed… but never really discussed, and not by me…. while reading a book one of my other boys said that his dad told him that Abraham Lincoln was shot…. but that’s all that was said.   Much later in the day the kids had a page with pictures of lots of things on it and the kids had to color the pictures that started with the letter Uu.  One of the pics was a set of stairs with an up arrow.  After about 2 min, one of my boys (not the one who made the lincoln statement earlier) came up to me to proudly show me his work. he had colored the stairs red and proudly announced in his best comic book villian voice…. “these stairs are red because they’re drenched in the blood of the 16th president!”   How is it that boys naturally know how to man up even the most mundane thing?




4 responses

17 02 2009

Ve cannot help it, Dahlink. Ve are Men.

18 02 2009

It’s called the Y chromosome! We are born with it … must be God’s fault?~!

18 02 2009

Let’s talk about how hysterical I think that story is and I would give anything to see it reenacted by the same boy.

18 02 2009

I’m officially super excited to have subscribed to your blog. This is brilliant, and that child speaks better than most high school kids my mom knows.

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