Deal Maker

19 02 2009

I often find myself making deals with the kids in my class…. If you at least get two of those 3 things done, you can go to the restroom.  You don’t play with your totally awesome ring while you’re doing work, you can keep it with you today.  If you listen really well while we do this lesson, i’ll read a little more of that book you really like…… This got me thinking, why do i make deals with my students instead of just expecting them to do what i ask?  Then i realized that i do the same thing with myself.  Just today i caught myself saying….. If you get all the dishes washed and the bathroom and “kitchen” cleaned before you turn on the tv, you can sit and have cereal and all the decaf you want for dinner.  When in all reality, i should just keep my dishes and bathroom clean (disclaimer…. i didn’t have that many dishes, and my bathroom stays pretty clean). And i can have cereal and decaf whenever i want it…… so, what deals do you make with yourself???




2 responses

19 02 2009

I’m sorry. I just can’t get past the fact that your kids have to earn the right to pee.

19 02 2009

Self…if you can manage to get through an entire day without totally alienating yourself from at least one person….you don’t have to cry yourself to sleep tonight.


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