Wonderful Writing Wednesdays

25 02 2009

I was really excited about this writing assignment i had for the kiddos today…. We’ve been talking about Dr. Seuss and reading his books because his birthday is coming up next week.  So today, the kids made their very own Seussical page.  I wrote a pair of rhyming words on each of 20 cards.  Then i folded up the cards and put them into a cat in the hat, hat.  The kids came up and drew a card out of the hat with their rhyming pair…. the kids then had to put their rhyming words into a silly sentence and illustrate it.  The results were AWESOME.  One of my favorites came from nick, i like to rake the cake…. his picture was priceless…. probably i enjoyed it so much because i was expecting the cake is on the rake….. anyway, you know an assignment is going over well when all the kids finish in less than 10 min and the room is pretty silent while they’re working.  The bad news is that i was hoping to have their work to put out in the hallway with the bulletin board i’m making….. but the writing went over so well that Mrs. Story decided that they were going to go into their portfolios.  which i guess is good news.  Even my kids who struggle to do more than string nonsensical letters together without any spaces were able to write nearly understandable sentences….. VERY FUN!




2 responses

25 02 2009

What! Huh? Dr. Suess birthday? WHEN!?

25 02 2009

What a teacher!


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