26 02 2009

Today has been a bit of a day.  One of my beautiful, precious, little girls dropped the B bomb at lunch, and 3 other girls dropped it to tell me that it was said.  All day long the kids have been bickering and just being mean to one another.  After rest, which comes right after lunch, i had decided i had had it.  We sat on the rug together and talked about words that make us bloom and words that make us wilt.  We talked about how we should only say words that will make our friends bloom, and if we think that something we have to say might have a teeny tiny chance of making someone wilt, then we should swallow those words and not say them at all.  To practice “blooming”  I pulled out my popsicle sticks that have the kids’ names on them.  I use them to pull out a name at random and call on students.  Anyway… i gave one stick to each kid, so they had someone else’s name.  I then gave them a piece of paper and they each wrote a bloom note or a bloom picture for their person.  Many of them were very thoughtful and took time to really think about things that their person likes.  The kids glowed after hearing their blooms, so we hung them up all over the room.  

(don’t tell the kids that they’re actually practicing good writing skills…. i might put this into our weekly curriculum.)




4 responses

26 02 2009
Tammy (mom)

you are going to make an amazing teacher… Parents are gonna love having their kids in your class… very proud of you.

26 02 2009

The “b-bomb?” baseball? brownies? bad breath?

28 02 2009

beets. bears. battlestar gallactica.

7 03 2009

Bed, Bath, Beyond?
My personal favorite: Bottom feeder?

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