1 03 2009

This post is not for the faint of stomach….. don’t read further if you can’t handle it….

You’ve been warned…..

I have a sinus infection….. my mucus used to be neon yellow/green….. now it’s a weird brownish yellowish color….. like this….

photo-107should i be worried??? do you think that’s brain matter??? i cant’ really afford to be blowing it out my nose.




5 responses

1 03 2009

I don’t know what it is but I bet it would make one heck of a great cupcake. can you store up some more and heat up the oven?

1 03 2009

Um, Ron? That’s. just. plain. wrong.

Hope you feel better soon, McGilla!

2 03 2009
Tammy (mom)

actually it looks better than what was coming out in chunks over the weekend….. besides it may be the saline solution that is causing that color change in your mucous… call Kazdan and see what he says if it doesn’t clear in a couple of days.

2 03 2009

Yea call Kazdan ….. he will send you to a specialist ….. have the lab analyze it…..etc…… and then tell you he has no idea what it is ……take an antibiotic!

25 12 2009

eeewww thats nasty

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