Why ya gotta bring me down?

5 03 2009

First thing this morning one of my girls rylee came in telling me that she loved my ring….. then she told me that it looked just like an egg yolk on my finger….. awesome, just the look i was going for…… then at lunch she asked me why do you have your hair like that??? it makes you look like a boy.  I told her her hair looked like a boy too (hers is a little shorter than mine) she didn’t agree. I didn’t think my ring or my hair looked bad….. but i guess it does…. what do you think????0305091533

on a bright note…. Reigni Hope gave me this penny.  I told her she should keep it, and she had a big ole grin on her face when she said, No! i want you to have it Miss McGill, i found it and it’s a lucky penny, and it’s for you!!!….. how could i say no??





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