sometimes i laugh when they cry

6 03 2009

Today after lunch all the kinders got together to watch a dr. seuss movie.  Nick is one of my more ornery boys…. he is constantly doing weird things and causing me all kinds of grief.  During the movie, he kept being silly and pulling his arms out of his sleeves.  I told several times to knock it off…. but he just wouldn’t stop…. finally he pulled his arms out of his sleeves and crossed his arms and put his arms into his opposite sleeves.  He was showing off for everyone, but soon discovered he was stuck.  He came to me panicking because he couldn’t get his arms out, and i said…. tough dude. i told you to knock it off, i guess you’re stuck…… What you don’t know about nick is that he’s a very proud boy, and if he has to sit in his mess, he’ll get pretty upset.  He sat there with this horrible look on his face, and i couldn’t help it, but i started cracking up… i tried turning my head, but it wasn’t working, so i had to leave the room…. on my way out, one of the other teachers asked what the problem was, and when i told her she started cracking up too…. Nick soon cried big ole crocodile tears…. and one of the other teachers took a picture….. priceless.





2 responses

6 03 2009

kids are so silly….i couldn’t do your job. i would spend more time mocking than actually teaching!

6 03 2009

i love Dr. Suess …

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