one of those days

10 03 2009

as mentioned earlier… today was less than wonderful….. i just felt like i was moving through thick mud all day and all my thoughts had to find their way through the labrynth before they could find their way out…. well…. on my way out of school, we left early today for our “student teacher class” the breeze (which wasn’t even very strong) caught my skirt just right and blew the back of it over my shoulder. i tried to catch it and pull it down but it just kept going up, up, up. My friend Rachel tried to help me and she grabbed part of my skirt to pull it down, and i grabbed part of my skirt… but somehow, it still defied gravity and exposed my poor booty for everyone (or amanda the other student teacher, and that bus driver who wasn’t looking…. i don’t think) to see.  i began to spin to catch more skirt and rachel grabbed with 2 hands but somehow with all 4 of our hands grasping for the floating fabric, nothing seemed to get my skirt back around my knees where it belonged.  Finally i sat down on the ground with my pride bruised and battered.  By the time i got back to my room and changed into much  needed sweats, i decided that i deserved a girl scout cookie.  I have a box of samoas bought by my mom that i have been rationing to last as long as possible…. but of all days, today is the day that i need one. I pulled out a cookie, bit into it, and just as the carmely goodness began to flood my mouth i got a funny feeling in my mouth and found a very dark, very coarse, very thick black hair baked into the cookie.  (urp)  so much for that.




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10 03 2009


11 03 2009
Erin W.

Aww!!! You poor thing!!!! Icky about the cookie….

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