so…. st. patrick’s day is cool

11 03 2009

not only do i get to make awesome leprechaun ears with my kids…. like this

photo-112also…. st. patricks day made one of my girl’s, reigni hope, magically funny.  First thing in the morning i let everyone come to the pencil sharpener, and i sharpen everyone’s pencils.  Reigni hope came through the line a second time and i wasn’t paying attention and took her pencil, right before i stuck it in the machine, i realized it was already sharp, i then looked up and saw her standing and grinning at me….”HA! i tricked you!” she said very excited……” you sure did, ya little snot!” i replied with a laugh.  Reigni Hope, being the only kid in class not wearing green today quickly responded with, ” y’all are snots, not me, look at all that green!”

Maybe it’s not that funny if you weren’t there…. or maybe my sense of humor is equal to my kinders…..




2 responses

11 03 2009

She does have a point, that little snot, and it’s sharper than her pencil, I’m sure.

11 03 2009

You do realize that St. Patricks Day is not until March 17?

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