Only in Texas

13 03 2009

Today we wrapped up our 2 week unit on texas by having a “rodeo.” We were suppposed to do it outside…. but it’s rained for 3 days so we were inside, and each class was a station and each teacher was in charge of a station and the the classes rotated through the stations all day long.  We had amadillo races (riding on bellies on scooters down the hall) bean and boot relays, barrel racing (or running around chairs in the barrel pattern on stick horses), face, painting a campfire reading complete with flashlights, chili tasting, and I did throwing cards into a cowboy hat and then taking your cards, glueing them on a cut out of texas and making a math problem out of them…. unfortunately, i also got to take over my cooperating teacher’s station as well….(she’s the yearbook gal and the yearbook was due at 6pm, she went to take it in early last night and was told she did the whole thing in the wrong program and was frantic putting that together all day today.) So, i took over her station which meant that i got to teach classes all day long the stars at night, are big and bright, (clap clap clap clap) deep in the heart of texas…. song (ALL DAY LONG) and if that weren’t enough i also got to teach them all the dance to cotton eyed joe…. yes there’s a dance….. my last class of they day was my best….. they sing in their room all the time, so they picked up the song super quick and were all about singing it.  After we sang it a couple of times they sang a song for me….. it’s to a familiar tune… but i can’t tell you what it is because i can’t get these words out of my head…. but anyway it goes…

I’m a Tex, I’m a Tex, I’m a Texas star

Way out west where the broncos are

I can ride um I can rope um i can show you how it’s done

So come on i’ll show you with my 6 shooter gun

(keep in mind there are movents to this song…. so at this point they pull out their finger guns and go… BANG BANG, blow blow (as they blow out the ends) chick, chick (putting the guns in their holtsers) YEEEE HAW! (lasso arm move))

This class even did this song on the announcements this mornings… and all the teachers and admins ooo and awww and talk about how cute they are….. and all i can think is, if i taught illinois kids that song about shooting a gun, with sound effects and motions…. i’d be fired.




2 responses

14 03 2009

Yeah, if you lived anywhere in the United States you’d get canned for that. Texas is its own country!

14 03 2009

Well at least they think so!

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