Hold on

14 03 2009

I’ve been casually reading this book called the red sea rules….. it’s pretty good…. and there is a thought in it that i’ve been mulling over a lot lately….. It talked about when the hebrew people were finally delivered out of Egypt, they were totally stoked…. but then they camped at the Red Sea and the most powerful army in the world was fast approaching…… it seemed hopeless….. It seemed that God had just led them out of captivity to be slaughtered down the road…… but then, something amazing happened.  God made a road right in the middle of the sea and the hebrews just walked right through…..

God knew way before he allowed his people to be put into captivity that he would get them out…. and that he would do some pretty fantastic things to get them out. He wasn’t just flying by the seat of his pants going…. oh stink, the egyptians are coming and there’s that stinkin’ sea in the way, what to do? what to do? GOT IT!….. this’ll be neat.  God had this planned the whole time….

Sometimes it may seem like i’m stuck between a rock and hard place, and i get frustrated and think, how did i get here? Why did i do that if this is where i was gonna end up???? But i have to remember that God knows right where i am.  He allows me to be in the place i am, even if it makes me uncomfortable…. If i have some patience, and remember that i have blinders on and can’t see the whole picture, and just wait….. I might find out that God has plans that will get me past that rock…. or the hard place…. and He’ll do it for His glory.  So instead of getting mad, and frustrated, and yelling at God for forgetting…. maybe i should be still and know, and maybe just maybe, he could use this clay pot to give him the all the praise.




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15 03 2009

I read that book and I like that point. It’s pin-point accurate. I also liked the chapter about you being where you are because God put you there. sometimes I forget …

15 03 2009
Tammy (mom)


15 03 2009

Thanks. I needed to be reminded of this today.

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