turning a corner

17 03 2009

There are sometimes in life when it seems like no matter how long you work, or how hard you try… there is a wall that is keeping you from getting past a certain point.  And the same has been true for me for quite sometime…. But i have good news.  Today i turned the corner and over came a huge obstacle in my life that i have been trying to push through for a few years.  I would like to thank all of you that have been praying that i would overcome, as you know it has been a struggle.   yes, it’s true, you can believe the rumors….. I beat Reda today in racquetball.  I was down 10-4 and i came back all the way to winning 14-11…. and i knew it would still be struggle as i tend to tighten up at the end of games….. and let me tell you, it was epic…. Reda tied it up at 14 and we exchanged serves back and forth back and forth before i finally became the victor at 16-14.  Whew does it ever feel good!




3 responses

17 03 2009

you should not pick on the elderly or the sick. Go to your room.

17 03 2009
Erin W.

Congrats!!!!! Sounds like a very big accomplishment! You should be happy!!!

18 03 2009
Tammy (mom)

congrats! job well done!

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