Birthday Buddy

29 03 2009

After the release of orwell the striped bunny…. my birthday buddy has begged for a “manly bunny”….. well Ron…. I was going to make you a manly bunny….. but decided instead that you needed a frog.  So here ya go Mr. Woods….. meet your new little buddy.





3 responses

29 03 2009

A FROG!!!! I LOVE FROGS!!!! Oh thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! Do I need to drive down and get him because I so would do that…

I love me some Kristi!!!!!

29 03 2009

i can send it…. or bring it next time i’m home. =) isn’t he cute???? i love his little cross-eyed face. =)

31 03 2009
Tammy (mom)

I love his eyes….. I want a frog…. hmmmm I’ll come get it for Ron… tee hee hee

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