oh my….

7 04 2009

Today, kids were given an assignment…. they had an easter egg with a circle in the middle of it… they were to color and decorate it, and in the circle, draw what was in the egg.  On another egg shaped piece of paper with lines, they were to write about what was in the egg (what they drew).  We then put the two pages together to make a “book”….. Since these were easter eggs (our theme this week is easter) the kids were supposed to draw things that you’d get out of an easter egg…. like chocolate, jelly beans, small toys, money…. etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately, last week’s unit was oviparous animals… that is…. egg layers….. so most of the kids drew animals that hatch from eggs.  i had this conversation with a girl when i wasn’t quite sure  what she had drawn.

Me: Oh, Maribeth, your egg is beautiful!….. what is that you’ve drawn in it??

Maribeth: That’s a rattle snake!!! (huge koolade smile)

Me: Oh! WOW! how bout that!

Maribeth: yeah, he has a really big rattle!

Me: yeah, he sure does!

……… here….. maybe you can see why i was a little confused/concerned.


i mean…. CLEARLY that’s a rattle snake with a big rattle.




8 responses

7 04 2009

isn’t everything bigger in Texas?

7 04 2009


7 04 2009

you need to put that in her file. that needs to follow her to college.

7 04 2009

So funny!

7 04 2009

Modern psychology may bash Freud, but the man had a point–we always see exactly what we are really thinking about all the time.

8 04 2009
Tammy (mom)

she’s baaacckkk.. Lauri and I stood here and laughed really hard!

8 04 2009


8 04 2009

OUTFREAKINGSTANDING!!!!! that’s a big rattle.

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