luck be a lady

8 04 2009

today i was getting ready for work.  I’m standing at the bathroom counter getting ready to brush my teeth and head out the door, when i realize that i’m standing on something… or something is stuck to the bottom of my foot….. i pick up my foot to brush it off, and this is what i found.

0408091854in case you can’t see…. that’s a penny on the INSIDE of my panty hose….. how one gets a penny in there, i haven’t the slightest….  but as i was on my way out the door, i wasn’t about to take my hose ALL the way off, fish that penny out, and put my hose back on…..  so i walked on that penny all day.  Once i had my shoes on, i didn’t even feel it. I was just walking on luck….. Nothing particuarly good happened today ( except for the GREAT easter basket i got in the mail =)……) but could you imagine if i didn’t have that penny???




2 responses

9 04 2009
Tammy (mom)

what? no picture of the great basket…. without the penny it might have been Cardinal Pink… tee hee

10 04 2009

Hey, I lost that penny at your house the last time you were in town! I want my penny back!

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