the good the bad and the ugly

22 04 2009
  • I love the way the air smells on the first hot day of the year (it was 91 today)
  • I don’t love the way my classroom smells when 17 sweaty pups come back to my toom
  • I love when the kids bring me some of their after school snack ( 2 fig neutons, 6 squished gummy bears and 3 m&ms)
  • I don’t love when said kids sit and watch until i eat said snack
  • i love that our room smells a bit like fresh dirt from all the planting we’ve been doing
  • I don’t love that i some how come home with dirt all over me every day
  • I love watching the kids light up watching their grass seem to grow right before our eyes and lima beans sprouting….. it’s such an exciting age when they are making discoveries and figuring out how things work
  • I don’t love that i can’t teach anything without 24 kids (i only have 17) interrupting me to tell me that THE LIMA BEANS HAVE ROOTS TODAY!!!! yes, we’ve talked about that 34,000 times….. this is subtraction.
  • I love posting poor quality videos of my kids doing things that totally crack me up
  • I don’t love that no one acknowledges my funny kiddos….. don’t you know i measure my self worth by the number of comments i get??? And funny/ insulting comments count for 3 point…. syrupy sweet comments count .5 points.



4 responses

22 04 2009

I have never heard such personal insecurity in one post. (How many points does that get me? it was funny, insulting AND syrupy sweet!)

23 04 2009

Kristi, I fixed my grammar error, because I too hate the same thing. 🙂 I also thought I would give you an extra comment and blog hit, so you feel better about yourself. I love reading your blog, and your children do crack me up. I will make sure that you let you know more often ;). Also, thank you for all your prayers, we wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have them!

23 04 2009
jamie toolen

I LOVE when you post about your kids ~ it totally makes me giggle 😀

23 04 2009
Tammy (mom)

oh, you posted a video? hmmmmm Look my Lima bean is sprouting…. and I want YOU to talk about it….. Love ya!

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