make our garden grow

27 04 2009

last week was plant week….. and although i did get soem flack for having the kids grow grass on 4/20….. we had a lot of fun.  today the kiddos took their grass home.  In just a little over a week the stuff has grown from seed to about 8 inches tall!!! and i can finally appreciate why we mow about once a week.  For the most part everyone’s grass grew really well…. except poor camden.  But he was so proud of the grass he did have, you couldn’t feel bad for his bald little cup. Here are some shots


Mikah, Rylee, and Maribeth. showing off their green thumbs

0427091426aWhat a great looking face, and all that hair! wow! Reigni Hope is giving Ruth a haircut when she gets home.


my grass…. looks a lot like the grass in the other kid’s cups. Camden’s grass……. i little sparse. poor thing. but look how happy he is!




2 responses

28 04 2009
Tammy (mom)

Camden”s grass looks like our front yard…. it’s okay… those were great pictures…3 days:)

29 04 2009

that might be the most adorable class ever. i love it. bittersweet ending huh? have a safe trip home!

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