The Last Day

29 04 2009

For the most part it was a normal day.  No big thing….. I wrote all the kids a little “thank you” note. and i included a class pic with  me in it.  Mrs. Story gave me some really cute scrapbooky pics of the kids, and all the teachers signed a little thing for me, and she got me a cookie cake, in cardinal colors! she loves me….. OH AND BASEBALL TICKETS!!!! WOO HOO!!!!  Also, one boy, gavin, came in with a jar of flowers and a giant leaf picked from his yard and filled with water.  He was so proud of it!


a better look at my flowers


I also got a gift from one boy,Wes, who wrote notes on each item.

0429091457on the dry erase marker set: Good luck with your new class

On the shampoo: pamper yourself for doing a great job

On the candy: you are the sweetest teacher.

cutie cutes!




5 responses

29 04 2009

They will miss you. But so do we. So get yourself home! Remember … “home?” You’ll love it.

29 04 2009
Tammy (mom)

are you sure you want me to still come get you? huh… try and stop me…… see ya the day after tomorrow, but who’s been counting…. me! loved the big long leaf in the water…. and you just said in your head “I Know… right?” love ya I know you’ll miss them… and they’ll miss you… you did a great job this year… you are an amazing Teacher… this blog only gets .5 I know I know…. :)… deal!

29 04 2009
Erin W.

Awww! Too cute!!!!!

30 04 2009

I think you misread his handwriting. On the shampoo it says, “Take a hint.”

30 04 2009

These are the things that make it all worthwhile! Much better than a paycheck!!!

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