Praise Perspective

1 05 2009

I was recently reading in a book and came across a great idea that i thought i would share….

In Revelation 18, the new city of Babylon is destroyed in zero time, and all the people are weeping and saying “alas alas” because the city was so great and they are mourning their loss.  But then you go to chapter 19 and it says that all the heavens are seeing the same scene, but they are saying alleluia! amen! And it got me thinking….. It’s like when you’re getting ready to board a plane in really cruddy weather…. you’re worried about delays and cancellations and looking at the sky and it’s impending doom.  But then, once you’re up in the plane and above the storm and looking down, the clouds are beautiful and majestic, and you can’t help but say, wow! look at that!…… So whether you are saying alas, or alleluia depends on your perspective.  And if we can work on getting above the storm, and looking at things from God’s point of view, we will always have something to praise and say alleluia, amen.

Where’s your perspective today?




One response

1 05 2009

actually, my perspective has been sucking and so I very much like your take on the situation. thank you for sharing it. 🙂

can’t wait to see you! debbie and I want to have you for dinner. (do you go good with carrots or peas?)

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