New Carpet

14 05 2009

I’ve officially been home almost two weeks and am yet to unpack.  This is partly due to my great loathing of all things packing and unpacking.  But also because we have gotten new carpet in the bedrooms at home and since everything needed to come out of the rooms for carpet, i couldn’t very well be unpacking and putting things in the rooms….. so…. basically everything i own is piled in the living room.   For one full day we unloaded everything from the other two bedrooms and discovered why we have never carpeted all three rooms at the same time before…. It’s rather ridiculous trying to find somewhere for everything to go, thus creating a kitchen and dining room with a small walkway to get through and a livingroom complete with mt. st. helen piled in the middle.  At the end of this long and dreary day of moving and piling and dragging and stacking, i was very relieved to find that bed was a short time away….. looking forward to a shower i set to get my things together and to my horor discovered that my underwear was burried under and behind said mountain.  I immediately let mydisappointment with the current situation be known.  Judy quickly suggested from the other room that i hand wash the pair i was currently wearing and throw them in the dryer…. although this didn’t sound totally unreasonable, it kinda grossed me out.  Dad, who was standing next to me gloated that his underwear were right at the front/top of mt st. helen…. amere inches from his hand.  I was not ammused.  But not to fear, dad risked breaking bones and televisions and altitude sickness to climb the mountain and rescued me one fresh pair of undies…. And i must say that there is quite a lesson to be learned here…. Rule number one, always keep your underwear handy and your dads handier.




One response

14 05 2009

Ahem….I still think sponging them out and drying them would have been just fine!!! I have pictures of mt. st. helen….. 🙂

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