8 06 2009

i don’t write much anymore…. mainly because i don’t have funny kids doing goofy things.  A lot of people think i’m real funny, but it’s not true, i just spend time with funny people.  This blog for a while may turn into the Sofie blog for lack of kids to talk about…. Sofie is mom and reda’s new pup she’s a lab/german shepherd mix… and she’s about 5 months old with a TON of energy, so i’ve taken to walking her in the afternoons.  The goal is to walk her daily, but due to rain a couple of previous engagements, i started about a week and half ago but today was only our 3rd walk, it’s been a bit of a comedy of errors. 

Day one: I subbed a half day at dad’s school and didn’t want to take the time to change, so i just changed into tennis shoes and was wearing a simple cotton skirt, tshirt, scarf, and giant running shoes (cute right?) I’m working really hard on keeping sofie on a short leash and teaching her to walk with me.  She’s doing…. okay… and i’m about to let my guard down a little when we stop at a corner for a passing car when Sof got excited and jumped up at me. Her paw caught my skirt and she successfully pulled it straight to the ground, my underwears caught and came down a little too…. so if anyone was looking out their windows, they saw my booty.

Day two: Sofie is getting much better at walking on the leash until about 6 blocks from home when the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down.  Sofie, who is a bit of a chicken, freaked out and bolted.  I could not get her to calm down so we ran the last 6 blocks and came home absolutely soaked

Day Three: Sofie is VERY excited for the beginning of the walk, i give up trying to hold her back and decide to run a bit.  about the second block into the run sofie caught the scent of something she liked and took a very sharp left right in front of me, i FLEW through the air.  flew is not an exaggeration. luckily i landed in the grass rather than getting torn up on the side walk.  I then pulled Sofie over to me, and we had a conversation eye to eye.  she stayed with me REALLY well after that…. and then we hit 10th street…. there are an abnormal number of dogs on 10th.  Sofie is a chicken and was pretty jumpy going down the street, but all in all, we kept it together…. And it starte pouring today as soon as i got in the car and drove away so i feel like my luck MIGHT be improving.




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