mr. that comes to visit at RFM all the time

10 06 2009

here’s some friendly information for you.  Every time you come in, i don’t particularly want to hear….. How’s that MRS degree coming?  You really need to get that MRS, love is the best.  You got your MRS yet?  Any prospects?  I can hook you up with my son, he just turned 18……. I get it, you want me to get married.  I don’t need 8 reminders of it each and every time you come in.  it’s getting redundant.  So… for now on, instead of dropping 8 of these comments in 15 or so min….. cut it to two, and then at night when you’re praying for the elderly, sick, injured and dying…. just lump me in there… cuz you know, single, elderly, sick and dying…. same diff.




2 responses

10 06 2009

oh, i’m SO GLAD to hear that because that’s how i’ve been praying for you since you moved to Texas.

17 12 2009
доска гей знакомств

я считаю: отлично!

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