teach your children well….

19 06 2009

Alli is kinda new to the area….. she hasn’t learned all of the things that we just don’t do around here. 

we don’t say “pop” you’re not in chicagoland anymore.

we wash our hands after we use the restroom.  I don’t care if you didn’t “pee on yourself” wash your hands.

Hit-n-Run is not ridiculous or silly.  And a humm dinger is not dumb.

I just bought her her first ever….. 

0618091701ai think she’s been touched by the glory




2 responses

19 06 2009

You treat your friends well. Nice.

20 06 2009

here’s the deal…
i will never remove the word “pop” (or “pap”) from my vocabulary…that, my friend, is what it’s called.

i think washing your hands is pretty universal, not just southern illinois…but, i have my ways, which might someday change.

humm dingers….they ARE a way of the southern illinois-ian. there is nothing else to be said. and although i am greatly appreciative for your involvement with my 1st experience…i highly doubt i’ll be made an addict.
time will tell.

that picture….charming.

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