doubled eggs and fire ants

24 06 2009

Logan has been on this…. mommy is my favorite thing…. and Jeremy kinda eggs it on….. So Sunday night Logan was asked who his favorite aunt was…. to which is immediate response was OH! FIRE ANTS!!!!  Then last night after making him “really yummy doubled (deviled) eggs” and giving him ketchup and mustard to mix together when he couldn’t remember what red and yellow make…. and him thinking that it was way cool i might add…. he was asked again who his favorite aunt was….. another quick response… aunt kelli.  DANG!  She’s not nearly as fun as I am!  I play zombie with him, and pirates, and dinosaurs, and robots, and monsters….. AND i have all the cool books.  But kelli has the ultimate trump…. she’s elle’s mom.  sigh. One of these days i’m gonna have the coolest kids ever so that i can be the favorite aunt.




2 responses

24 06 2009
Kelli McGill

ha! Love it!

Oh…and good luck with having the coolest kid ever 😉

9 07 2009

I’m glad you are setting goals in your life. Getting knocked up is one that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend, but I’m not going to judge.

p.s. To be the favorite uncle to my nieces I just buy them whatever they want. As a parenting strategy this would not work, but as an uncling strategy it has a flawless 8.5 year record.

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