this is what happens when we get together…. (formatting is rough… it was late… name is above what they said… ignore photos, you can do it)

22 07 2009
July 21 at 9:34pm
Hey hey girls!

So I was thinking that since we were all going to be in town at the same time for the same function either, that maybe, just maybe we might all be free to hang out a little bit afterwards? Say Saturday night????

Anyone available or have ideas??? dinner perhaps?

July 21 at 11:02pm
i’m game for anything! we can go out, or just hang out…. my house is open…. i’d even cook if y’all want to stay in….. going out is good too…. we could catch a movie, or eat somewhere fun. whatevs
July 22 at 11:24pm
whatevs! whatevs!
July 22 at 11:40pm

The shower is Sunday night. I’m hoping to get my hair cut Saturday morning, but I’ll get to town Friday night. I will do absolutely anything to hang out with you girls, but I’m never opposed to obnoxious chick flicks and Dennys like old times πŸ˜‰

Love you ladies!

July 22 at 11:41pm
Dennys! old times!
July 22 at 11:42pm

when is the shower? i thought aug 8? Saturday? yes? no?

July 22 at 11:45pm
i’m pretty sure it’s sunday at 12
July 22 at 11:49pm
sunday the 9th 12-2 without a doubt. can’t wait to hang out girlies!!
Today at 12:09am
hahaha….oh stephers…I told you before when you asked πŸ™‚
Today at 12:18am
i know … but when i read it the first time I just assumed saturday and i don’t have a calendar handy….whatever!

ok, so what night do people prefer? saturday? any works for me. i’ll probably be in town from wed. to mon.

Today at 12:19am
i’m always in town…. why do we have to pick one night??? sheesh.
Today at 12:27am
haha, well. we don’t … but perhaps we should pick one night for those who aren’t in town for quite as long. one night for video making!

we need a topic for the video. maybe it all rhymes….or we’re selling something, orrrrr a music video.


Today at 12:28am
yeah!!! it’s JUST like reda!
Today at 12:31am
yes, yes it is πŸ™‚
Today at 12:32am
was spek cream our first??? because seriously…. if that was our movie making debut, how could anyone ever doubt our brilliance??
Today at 12:32am
i believe it was. and it was sheer genius.
Today at 12:33am
i think the best part was that i got to play the part of God
Today at 12:35am
haha … or that we drew on each others faces with eyeliner.
Today at 12:36am
not on me. i was a non appearing role, as God is a spirit.
Today at 12:37am
ah, right. of course. and lowering the bottle of spek cream from the ceiling fan. very classy.
Today at 12:38am
besides….. the spek cream traveling down from the heavens via an invisible fishing line threaded through a ceiling fan. until it got stuck and the cream did a nose dive before coming to a safe stop mere inches before crashing.
Today at 12:38am
Today at 12:39am
EXACTLY!!! but not the travel version….. it flew right in via my awesome arm. and landed magically in erin’s??? hand. maybe it was you or priscilla.
Today at 12:41am
WOW!!! A few hours of seeing Harry Potter and I miss all the chatter.

I cannot wait to see all of you. Whenever everyone is here and available is when we should all meet up and documentation is a must. I like the music video idea!

Today at 12:43am
we should warn you abby….. a music video doesn’t need singing in any real key….. just a passionate theme….. like calculus.
Today at 12:45am
but wait … as an added bonus we can all sing in key! afterall, we were all a part of the coney island babes.

oh wait.


passionate theme. right.

Today at 12:46am
hey! when someone asks me to do drugs, i say no, i say i have calculus to get me high…

calculus. my anti-drug

DON’T TRY NEW POLAR ICE GUM!!!! it’ll change you…. RAWR!

Today at 12:47am
you have the best memory on the planet.

i love it.

Today at 12:47am
what about fly fishing? i know nothing about it…but i could make it up…

ya know

on the FLY!

Today at 12:49am
a music video about fly fishing? hmm….this is intriguing. kristi?
Today at 12:50am
we could do interpretive dance…it makes everything better
Today at 12:50am
omg, that is SO true!
Today at 12:51am

HOLY CRAP. We are what legends are made of

Today at 12:52am
it took ya a while to respond to that one…ya made me think i had a crap idea on my hands πŸ˜‰
Today at 12:53am
abby, you can be our featured person and totally use the tape for auditions. i mean how could they NOT cast you with brilliance like this????
Today at 12:53am
i think she was just in shock by how awesome interpretive fly fish dancing is.
Today at 12:54am
i am totally sending it into cirque du solei…they’re hiring right now for a belly dancing fly fisher. If I add some interpretation to that…I’m golden
Today at 12:55am
well…. shock and awe is one way to put it…. yes….. also… i was copying and pasting this convo into my blog…. although now maybe it needs to be updated…… fly fishing happened after i posted.
Today at 12:56am
then this is essential. we must do it. i mean, a friend in need….how can we pass it up?
Today at 12:57am
we’ll get you a gig abs. don’t you worry….. this is the bees knees.
Today at 12:57am
hahahaha. and how exactly did it get to be 1 a.m. i totally have to teach tomorrow. yikes.
Today at 12:58am
maybe we should enlist the comic genius of oatmeal cream pie -off-the-floor-eating, Phil Carnell
Today at 12:59am
yes…exactly…and i’ll throw some research together including essential documentation:

legends of the fall
forrest gump
mean girls
the little mermaid
jaws (i really think this one could help)
steamboat willie
Hunt for Red October

oh crap…mean girls is a jungle movie…oh well…we’ll watch it anyway

Today at 1:00am
finding nemo?
Today at 1:00am
Today at 1:00am
this conversation is out of control.
Today at 1:01am
i agree…a monster has been created…good night loves!
Today at 1:02am
could not be a more perfect night.



4 responses

23 07 2009
Erin W.

SPEK cream was awesome…The calculus video was awesome…You ladies are a hoot and a half!!!

23 07 2009

i don’t really get it. i feel excluded.

26 07 2009

I could so hear you all talking… this made me laugh outloud and miss you all.reda says he’s sooooo in…. videos?, singing? fishing? his favorite girls? perfect combo…awwwww brings back good memories…

13 01 2010

i feel sad that i wasn’t in on the rest of this conversation!

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