3 08 2009

we’ve been reading for about 4 or 5 days now and still going strong. We’re almost halfway through exodus, and by the end of the day will be over halfway through it.  I thought i’d share a little of what i picked up from Joseph.  So i’m at the part of the story when Joseph is basically ruling Egypt and his brothers are there to buy food and the whole family is finally coming back together….. And right there Joseph understands the fulfillment of the dreams he had as a kid that got him in so much trouble.  God didn’t intend for Joseph to rule over his brothers, but instead He wanted to put him in a postion to be able to save his brothers and therefore help fulfill God’s promise to Abraham.

This got me thinking….. How much trouble and grief could Joseph had avoided if he would have been more mature about the dreams that God had given him???  Obviously, in the end everything turned out good…. but could the middle part have been better???  Now’s the really hard question… How many times has God put dreams in my heart, or your heart… or given us success in a ministry…. or whatever, fill in the blank….. And because of our own immaturity and pride, we boast about how great we are, or how great we will be, instead of being quiet and letting God do his thing???  And how much better could our dreams be going if instead of thinking about how powerful or successful we’re going to be…. think about how we can serve and love and save.




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3 08 2009

Ouch. that hurt. stop it.

3 08 2009

So, you’re saying that I need to stop telling people how awesome I am? I don’t get it.

3 08 2009
Jeff, a wierdo

When I was a boy my dad told me a story a story about a fire truck that had no breaks. It drove right into the middle of an oil well fire. The firefighters got out and threw sand in the shot foam left and right and by chance they put the fire out. The owner of the oil well came and gave what he perceived as courageous fire fighters a check for a million dollars. The fire chief was worn-down, drenched and full of oil and soot when a newspaperman said what are you going to do with the money. The fire chief said, “I am going fix those fricken breaks!”

I think if Joseph were more mature things would not have worked out as wonderfully as they did and he would have put the breaks on. Sometimes we need to take the breaks off and go into the fire. Immaturity is not always celebrated but sometimes innocence and ignorance is what we need.

These are just my thoughts.

the brother of Jim
the brother-in-law of Ron
the son of Jim,
who is the son of Ralph,
who is the son of Cassius

I love Bible reading. It is my sport. God bless you for doing it.

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