girlfriend weekend

9 08 2009

This weekend a great friend from jr high/ high school had a bridal shower, and all the gals came in town for the festivities….. Some bullet points highlighting the fabulous weekend.

  • Buying the gift with Steph means lugging a huge box through a store where people stare at you and don’t let you through although you’re struggling to remain upright…. which obviously leads to giggling, and maybe a little peeing.
  • GREAT FE show complete with chicken necked dancing enthusiast.
  • sneaking 4 giant soda’s into the movies via my “theater purse”
  • seeing a movie along with a room full of 65 year old women and smelling strong booze.
  • Causing a traffic jam, or as steph would say “a pocket of traffic” thus causing more tears, laughing and near peeing.
  • hanging out at the bridal shower and not being nearly classy enough for the very fancy shower…. and although we did cheat at the game, we passed around the piggy band and made the bride and groom a nice little starter on the honeymoon fund. We’re pretty awesome.

DSCN0216little emma, bethany, CASEY, abby (the bride) me, and steph. are we cute or what?




One response

9 08 2009

so, uh…that person between bethany and abby…she doesn’t have a name now?

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