9 09 2009

In one of my classes today we had a birthday boy….. that made him the “top banana” and he got to bring show and tell and snack for all the kids.  After show and tell, all the kids took turns giving him wishes…. or telling what they wished they could give him for his birthday…. Most of the kids said things like…. i wish i could give you a bike or a scooter…. one girl offered a race car bed….. it belongs to her little brother… but he peed all over it.  One boy really wanted to give the birthday boy suuuuuuper poooooowers.  And one boy got uber excited and jumped up and shouted, i want to give him a HOT DOG!!! And he threw his hand up in the air and took a huge bite out of his imaginary hot dog.   Gotta love that kind of enthusiasm.

The birthday boy then handed out cupcakes to the class…. unfortunately i think he played dodgeball with the boxes of cupcakes on his way to school.  Ah well… they were still delightful….. and i got this megga cool ring out of the deal.





2 responses

9 09 2009

you could kill a horse with that ring. just punch him in the nose.

11 09 2009

does that mean you have suuuuuuuuper pooooooowers now?

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