i’m officially megga cool.

14 09 2009

anybody remember this post it’s from new year’s eve when i was at the grocery store with a friend and we found a forgotten birthday cake that was cut into strips and sold in 4 hunks.  We were doubled in laughter in it.  Some of you suggested that i should submit it to cake wrecks…. and i assured y’all that i had submitted it before i even blogged about it…… well….. i never heard anything about it, and it was never posted….. but today, i recieved this email….

Hi there!

I’ve got some amazing news about one of the photos you submitted to Cake Wrecks: first, it made it in the book, and second, Rachael Ray (of the Rachael Ray show) liked it so much that she’d like to talk to you about it – possibly on the air! So if you could, please e-mail Holly Pakfar, the show producer, at hpakfar@kingworld.com to discuss the details. If the show segment works out, you could be sharing the spotlight with a few of your fellow Wreckporters and my fabulous Wrecksistant and sister-in-law, Anne-Marie! I don’t have many details, but I imagine they want to hear the story of your cake: where you saw it, your reaction to it, etc. I’m sending this to several of you, so here’s the breakdown of which photos the show is specifically interested in. If you’re getting this e-mail, one of them should be yours. 🙂 (Be sure to tell Holly which cake is yours, btw.)

Pg 2: “God Bless Everyone- Inside a heart!”

Pg 7: Happy Birthday Hannah- lg font Cole & Alli- small font”

Pg 55: “welcome home charles/ happy 70th birthday jean”

Pg 57: Cakes cut up and sold invididually

Pg 80: wedding couple cutting cake under statue

Pg 96: Happy birthday nancy – the end

Pg 101: Huge Me

Please let me know if you have any questions…although any show-related queries should go to Holly, since I’m really just the messenger here. 😉 If you could cc me on the e-mail so I know you got this, though, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, and congratulations, Wreckporters! You guys make me so proud [sniff].

– Jen


In case you didn’t catch that…… I’m going to be in CakeWrecks…. THE BOOK….. and if that wasn’t enough ms 30 min meals herself wants me.  =)




6 responses

15 09 2009
Erin W.

how awesome is that??!!

15 09 2009

(sniff sniff) I’m so proud! I always knew you’d be famous for wrecking stuff some day!


15 09 2009
Kelli McGill

I just peed my pants!!!!!!!!!! We need to chat! Call me soon 🙂

15 09 2009

Oh, wow wow wow!!! You’re gonna be DOUBLE famous… cake wrecks AND Rachael Ray!!!???!!!! That’s awesome!

15 09 2009

sweet sassy molassy… that is awesome!!

16 09 2009
Jeff Jims Brother...

You know what is nice for me I know people who know you. I am two degrees away from fame now.

I would like the rest of you step up to the plate. I would like to think I could be one degree soon!

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