always trumped by 2nd graders

30 09 2009

Today i got to grab some latex gloves and wet wipes and clean a poopy bottom.  Normally that would mean that you had one of the worst days possible…. That was until i went after school to check on one of my kinders who normally rides the bus, but was sent to the office.  I found him cheerfully sitting next to his sister who was not so cheerful.  I asked what was up, and the boy said….  Dad’s picking us up today, and when i asked why, his response was…. because someone puked on my sister….. yeah, my day wasn’t so bad.




3 responses

30 09 2009

Life is so often defined by the location of puke.

30 09 2009

well said ron, well said

5 10 2009

Poor girl. I know how she feels. I got puked on my first week of teaching.

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