some odd things about me

16 10 2009
  • When a kid is in trouble, and i make them cry, it makes me happy…. sometimes even gleeful. (is gleeful a word or did i just make it up??)
  • When a kid is being rotten, 85% of the time, i think it’s really funny, and i have to work hard to not show it…..
  • Some times when someone is doing something terrible, but thinks it’s funny ie…. two kids in the office today got in a fist fight, and were giggling because they were so proud of themselves and just thought it was great…… I say something like, look at my face, does it look i think this is funny?  And i say this not to help the kids understand that it’s not funny, as much as to challenge myself to make a really “this is not funny” face.
  • I get really proud of myself when i can get the really shy sub to say a couple of sentences to me without much prompting.  Probably more proud than when a student shows that he/she learned something.   Ok maybe not that much….. but close.
  • after rereading this post, I nearly deleted it because it’s really rambley and sounds like i’m hyped up on caffeine (i’m not) but then i thought, meh, these people know what i’m like, they can deal with it.
  • Best compliment of the day:….. Ms. Gill (that’s not a typo that’s what i get called a lot)  You have crazy hair…. but the good kind!



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16 10 2009

I have other odd things about you. You want I should list them?

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