Logan knows just how to make me feel awesome

22 10 2009

today i went to old navy and found an 80’s pop art glow in the dark skeleton shirt that logan had to have.   this was the conversation that ensued as i presented the gift…..

Me: logan, before i give you this who’s your favorite aunt named kristi???

Logan:  ummmmmmmm……….

Tiffany: Logan, who’s your favorite aunt

Me: (to tiff) no you can’t ask that

Tiff: (to me) why not??

me: (to tiff) because the answer is Kelli…. she’s elle’s mom

Tiff: oh right…

Me: Logan who is your favorite aunt named kristi

Logan…. you mean other aunts don’t count

me: right, only the ones named Kristi

Logan:……….. slowly points at me

me: good nuff ( threw the shirt to Logan)

When he opened it and looked at it, i didn’t get a thanks….. but i did get a really excited. OOOOOOOOOOO!   That’s better than a scripted thank you any day.




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