a lesson on human sexuality

31 10 2009

today elle came over to show off her halloween costume. While over she asked if she could get a book from my room to read….. i have a big bookshelf full of kids books so i told her to go pick one and bring it back……  well she brings me a book i have from a weekly ready series for kids on relationships and behaviors and stuff…. she brings me the one titled ” You’re Either One or the Other”  sub title, a Children’s book about Human Sexuality.  AWESOME.  So i read Elle parts of the chapter about being a girl…. basically all it talks about is stuff like some girls like to do these things… and others like to do these things…. and that’s ok.  Some girls like pink, and some like blue, that’s ok…. some girls like sports, and some don’t, that’s ok…. blah blah blah…. Well at the end it asked a few questions…. so i asked them to Elle…. and she’s not only hilarious, she’s pretty well adjusted.

Question 1: What are you? are you a girl?  Elle: yep, i’m a girl.

How do you know that you’re a girl? because that’s the way that God made me…. (great answer i was really hoping for her to say something that would be embarrassing to her mother….. but oh well)

What does it mean to be a girl?  very beautiful

How does it feel to be a girl?  Good. I feel Good

What do you like best about being a girl? being fabulous

What do you ike least?  talking all the time.


gotta love that girl.




4 responses

1 11 2009


was she asking the questions and you were answering? or were you asking the questions and she was answering? ’cause as I read it, and knowing you both, it could easily go either way.

1 11 2009
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1 11 2009

i asked…. she answered.

1 11 2009

Nice Ron!!!

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