one step forward two steps back

18 11 2009

remember that paula abdul song opposites attract???  You know the one with the video of her dancing with that super cool cartoon cat?  yeah i was rocking out to that song at the roller rink in 1992.  That song danced through my head all day today.  yesterday i got really excited.  Some of my kids that i have to really work to pull anything out of them showed me that they might actually be learning.  Kids that struggle on step one were all of the sudden doing step 3 without any prompting.  It was a super fun day because i got to be all yay you! you’re a reader! kiss your brain!! Oh my goodness, you’re so smart!  all day long…… and that’s enough to put anyone in a good mood….. i’m not exaggerating when i say i was nearly dancing and skipping down the halls and little birdies were chirping lovely little melodies in my head as the soundtrack to me day.  I went to bed last night feeling like we had turned a corner and i couldn’t wait to get to school today…… unfortunately….. every single kid took their crazy pills today.  and not the kind that make the crazy go away.  it was like we were back at square one.  Every kid i saw going down the hall was off like a bat out of hell.  classrooms were loud, and not in the we’re doing creative stuff kind of way, and students who were doing step 5 two weeks ago all of the sudden couldn’t do step 2.  Maybe is something to do with the fact that it hasn’t stopped raining all week……. uhg. back to the trenches in 9.5 hours.




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18 11 2009

You think the fact that you had 10 subs in your building today played any part????

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